An Association for Artisan Bakers

Artisan Baker Association was formed to bring together artisan bakers.

The association was setup in 2006 by the Artisan Baker Trust.

We are independent and have no agenda other than to celebrate artisan baking.

The spirit of our association is best reflected on Sourdough Companion, a community forum on baking operated by the Artisan Baker Association.

Membership is available to:

Individual Bakers: Free
Bakeries, Institutions: $200 AUD per year
Micro Bakeries: $100 AUD per year

Please See Membership Details


We provide a set of Baking Standards to help members describe features of their bread to customers.

Using standards is easy:

1. List your bakery and products on your member web page
2. Stick the Association decal on your shop window
3. (Optional) Place the Association logo on your packaging

A 'Graphics Pack' is provided to all member bakeries and institutions to make it easy to promote their membership.

Baking Jobs and Training

Artisan Baker Association operates BakerTrade.This is a great place to look for bakers or bakeries, with a focus on artisan baking.