Artisan Baker Association Mission Statement and Guidelines

Mission Statement

Artisan Baker Association values the art of baking. Members choose to use traditional baking methods with limited or no modern industrial controls.

The Association aims to create a dialogue between bakers and bread eaters. Membership is for bakers that care about the quality of their craft and the wellbeing of the people they are baking for.

We hold "gatherings" where bakers can get together for a fun bake to share ideas. Gatherings are usually held at member bakeries.

Fermentation method is considered the basis of producing quality bread.

Cultivating yeast and bacteria is integral to the craft of baking. Sourdough is highly valued for its ability to make bread digestible and develop character.

Some artisans use commercial yeast to produce pre-ferments and time dough's. This practice is acknowledged and acceptable for association members as per Standards.

Artisan Baker Association requires clear sourdough and organic labelling practices, and a declaration that vegetable shortening containing Synthetic Trans Fats is not used in the bakery.


  1. The bakery is involved in a genuine dialogue that shows consideration for the people they are baking for and the bakers they employ.
  2. Providing bakers with artisan baking skills is part the bakery's ethos. Examples of skills include fermentation, hand moulding, oven management, nutritional and cultural research, recipe creation skills.
  3. The term "sourdough" is only used to describe bread made from naturally fermenting leaven and does not contain any added commercial yeast, flavouring agents or additives intended to immitate sourdough process or flavour. 
  4. The bakery or baking group does not use industrially formulated bread improver or flour treatment agents in any of its products (compulsory vitamin is permitted in non-organic flour where it is unavoidable).
  5. At least one Organic Sourdough bread is made by the bakery.
  6. The bakery or baking group does not add or include synthetic trans fats in any of its products.
  7. Labeling is clear and does not make unsubstantiated claims
  8. Products containing additives are categorised in the appropriate standard
  9. Breads using commercial yeast are made using long fermentation methods.
  10. The bakery strives for best quality practice by making quality goods from quality ingredients in a high quality working environment.

Artisan Baker Association Bakery Standards
Latest revision: 03 March 2012

Members are required to list eligible products on their association webpage (

An ARTXX standard is a bakery's declaration that their product meet minimum criteria identified by consumers and bakers as being important to them.

ART marks are available to Artisan Baker Association member bakeries as a tool to describe their goods to customers.

Artisan Baker Association Logo
Latest Revision: 03 March 2012

-The Association's logo is available to bakeries that declare they meet the above membership criteria and are members of the Artisan Baker Association. It can only appear on products that are listed on the member's bakery page with the appropriate standard.